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Plain Velvet

We are regarded as a well established manufacturer of Plain Velvet Fabric. the circular knitted fabric is sold in all the parts of the country and even exported under the name of Oriental’s. We have been producing this fabric since 1992 without any compromise in the quality. Its available in various GSM ranging from 130 GSM to 240 GSM.


  • Used in suits, leggings, dresses, suits.
  • Widely accepted in home decor sofas, bedcovers, chairs.

Polar Fleece

Polar Fleece is a popular and versatile fabric with a soft and cosy feel that makes the perfect choice for winter garments. It is made using polyester and because of its look and feel, fleece is prevalent in many areas of fashion, from adult clothing to baby clothing. It is also widely used in home furnishings, pet care and is a popular mainstay of the winter essential.

Polyester Interlock

Ease of care, water resistance, and moisture-wicking qualities make polyester interlock fabric popular. This type of double-knit fabrics are commonly used to make garments like leggings, sports br,as and other athletic clothing.

Polyester Interlock Lycra

As other polyester interlock, Polyster Interlock Lycra is soft, breathable, comfortable and elastic. And like other polyester interlock,it’s suitable for T-shirts,clothing lining,sportswear,casual wear,fashion.

Sherpa Fabric

A heavy-weight fabric that is luxuriously soft, it has good density and provides loving warmth, thanks to the thick pile that feels and resembles sheep wool. Sherpa fabric is made of a blend of acrylic and polyester. Sherpa is used to line coats and warm winter garments.

Super Soft Fabric

We are renowned for the quality we produced. This fur fabric has a very smooth surface thus making it possible for the garment manufacturers to use this for kids or infants. Macro silicon is used to give a smoother touch on the surface hence the name super soft.


Terry cloth is one of the most widely used household linen items. It’s the kind of material that generally makes bathrobes, towels and towels that we use after the bath or shower, so it’s basically meant to dry. In fact, the terry cloth is called so precisely for its ability to absorb large amounts of water.

Terry Dry Sheet

Oriental Textile’s Terry Dry Fabric provides excellent protection against liquids, hypoallergenic, Premium, Washable and light weight and easy to wash. We make sure to make it ideal as a baby care and travel item as well as a household product.

TPU Dry Sheet

TPU laminated fabric is for baby dry sheets. It is highly water absorbent quality with super wicking. These are fast in colour and easy to wash.

Velvet Crushed

Crushed velvet has a “crushed,” wrinkled look that’s achieved by twisting the velvet while it’s wet or pressing the pile in varying directions. This type of velvet is immensely shiny and has a rich, regal texture. It’s typically used to make curtains or pillows.