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Poly Cotton

In a perfect combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton or any other, this crease-resistant, tear-resistant and breathable fabric is known for its versatility. The fabric is created using Pai Lung circular knitting machinery. Once created, the fabric is reactive dyed to make it colour fast. Create a stunning array of gorgeous summer lowers, plain and printed night suits or tshirts with poly cotton.

Poly Cotton Lycra

Lycra, cotton and polyester are blended to create this beautiful fabric. An all-weather material that is easy to maintain, this is a strong-wearing and durable fabric.

Poly Viscose Lycra

Lycra lends this fabric its strong cross-wise stretch. Although it contains lycra, this material gives a cotton look. Poly-viscose is a semi-synthetic cellulose-based long fibre. Together, this blend of lycra and poly viscose makes durable and well-draped fabric with a smooth finish. The fabric is easy to clean and care for. Available in multiple prints, this fabric is used to create leggings.

Printed Fabric

A range of traditional and modern print designs are embossed on a variety of our fabrics, giving them a bold finish ready to be used for an array of purposes – from bed sheets to upholstery and curtains. Delicate prints on material that can be worn are ready to be transformed into readymade apparel.

PV Lycra

Under the supervision of our experts, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Polyester Lycra Knit Fabrics in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. These Knitted Fabric are both please to the eye and the skin and are highly loved by the clients.


Easy to maintain


Sherpa Fabric

A heavy-weight fabric that is luxuriously soft, it has good density and provides loving warmth, thanks to the thick pile that feels and resembles sheep wool. Sherpa fabric is made of a blend of acrylic and polyester. Sherpa is used to line coats and warm winter garments.

Sportswear Fabric

Lightweight and breathable, sportswear fabric are also non-absorbent; so, sweat evaporates easily. This wrinkle-resistant fabric is available as semi-dull and dull fabric, 1-1 stretch fabric, swimwear fabric, sweat proof fabric and shoe line fabric.

This high-demand fabric is available in knits ranging from 28-gauge cylinders to 36-gauge cylinders and is used to create practical and comfortable sportswear garments, swimming suits and used as the inner lining in sports shoes.

Super Soft Fabric

We are renowned for the quality we produced. This fur fabric has a very smooth surface thus making it possible for the garment manufacturers to use this for kids or infants. Macro silicon is used to give a smoother touch on the surface hence the name super soft.


Velboa is an extremely soft and plush faux fur fabric, made of short piles. Also commonly known as velboa skin, although soft, this fabric is tough and durable, and does not pile easily. It is available in a variety of colours and prints. Velboa is easy to clean and maintain and is widely used to make stuffed toys for babies and children, baby blankets, neck pillow, costumes and baby garments.


Velvet is a flush, thick and stretchable fabric available in a wide range of solid colours. The fabric is 100% polyester. Since it is durable and made of polyester, it is easy to clean. Velvet is used to create stretchy tops, skirts and dresses; and can also be used for upholstery projects.

Velvet Brushing

We are one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of a finest quality range of brushed fleece febric.

Available in several colors and patterns, this range can be customized as per the clients’ requirements.

Manufactured using supreme quality cottons and fabrics, these products are known for their shrink resistance and neat stitching.

Velvet Lycra

Velvet Lycra is a medium-weight fabric available in a wide variety of colours and beautiful designs. Velvet Lycra is a 4-way stretch fabric made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The back of the fabric is smooth to the touch, while the front side is textured. It has an excellent finish that lends sheen to the fabric. Since it is made of polyester, it is easy to clean and maintain. The fabric is ideal for apparel, decorations, wide-width crafts and costumes and garments.