Oriental Textile believes in celebrating Indian textiles. We strive toward matching Indian craftsmanship and technology to create both innovative as well as traditional fabrics to meet regional and global clientele. Passion is everything, and it is this passion that drives us to remain focused as we move forward in the industry.



Oriental Textiles is a vertical integrated plant with all the European machinery to maintain the brand’s name and quality. It has been a journey towards creating a certain quality and keeping it consistent throughout the years, this has led us to work with globally renowned brands.. We have the capability of processing more than 45 tons of the fabric in both tube or open form. The company is even equipped with high quality tube mercerising by Dornier, Germany.

  • 14 x shearing by Lafer, Italy & Vollenweider, Germany
  • 2 X oil washing unit by Bianco, Italy
  • 2 × soft mangle softener by Bianco, Italy
  • 3 × slit opener by Bianco, Italy
  • 2 × stenter by Bruckner, Germany (10 chamber & 12 chamber)
  • 2 × stenter by Ehwa, Korea 6 chamber
  • 2 × flat bed printing by Keycheng, Korea
  • 1 × open compaction by lafer, Ital
  • 1 × tube compaction by lafer, Italy


We at Oriental are really happy to introduce our customers a new division of textile industry which is lamination. A newly installed plant of 2022 can cater all types of bonding be it fabric to fabric or fabric with TPU for baby dry sheets.

The best part of our lamination is that unlike others we are not restricted to play with gsm be it 50 gsm or 500 gsm we have got you covered even for 90″ fabrics.

This is one of a Highly advanced machine in Ludhiana giving very soft hand-feel and very high bonding strength which is Unique feature. This is not Solvent base which is very Harmful for body, But eco friendly Glue base which is resistant to hot washing, and can be used in any areas and any age group.



Knitting plays a very important roll in the fabric quality, thus understanding the same we have purchased 220 knitting machines by Pailung, Taiwan, enabling us to produce over 45 tons of fabric every day. We are dealing from corse Gauge of 18GG to Fine gauge of 36GG with the fabric width of 60″ upto 100″.

Segregating in separate fabrics we can produce

Capabilities - Oriental Textile


Colour consistency & water saving are the two parameters that needed to be worked on by everyone. Keeping in mind about the green environment we have installed the latest low liquor ratio dyeing machines by Dilmenlar, Turkey thus helping to reach the capacity of 30,000 kg per day. These fully automated machines are a step ahead in the modern world with less human intervention.

10 x 600kg | 4 × 400 kg
4 x 200 kg | 1 x 30 kg
1 × 60 kg