Oriental Textile Processing Company is a full-fledged, vertically integrated textile manufacturing unit based in Ludhiana, India.

The company continues to manufacture well-crafted fabric, and consistently maintain standards of high quality with a knitting capacity of over 35 tons per day, dyeing and processing capacity of over 25 tons per day (of both polyester and cotton). Being the largest manufacturers of suede/Terry fabric in India, the company also extends its arms in the world of lycra fabrics.

Current Market Catered

  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Punjab
  • Uttarakhand
  • Haryana
  • Delhi
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Bihar


  • West Bengal
  • Gujrat
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Maharashtra
  • Karnataka
  • Kerela
  • Tamil Nadu

Our Mission

Oriental Textile has always been known as a manufacturer of high-quality products. We have also made a name for ourselves as being reliable, honest and trustworthy, and a company that demonstrates both ethical and moral principles.

The mission of Oriental Textile is to create new and innovative products in the textile industry by keeping track of and staying ahead of the latest trends.

Our mission statement regarding our employees is to provide employment and a healthy working environment for our employees, thereby giving them a chance to enrich their family lives.

Our People

Our most important asset is – our employees. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees make a successful company therefor we measure our success by their satisfaction. The company is driven by a need to successfully cater to our customer’s requirements.

Why us?

When you partner with Oriental Textile, you get premium products that have been carefully crafted and designed, keeping your needs in mind. Our competent workforce and hi-tech machinery work as a combined force to create your bulk requirement orders on time. While competitors make up their costs by hiking up your costs, our prices will always remain affordable to you without compromising on quality.

Most of our clients have been our customers for several years now, and some go back to several decades. We believe in keeping our customers happy, but we also value the relationships we share with them. It’s not all about business – many of our clients have become close friends. Our clients are more than just customers – they are our friends and family.

History Oriental Textile

Our History

Our beginnings are humble. In 1950, Mr Rajiner Pal Sood along with his other family members started the dry-cleaning segment known as Simplex Drycleaners. With more resources to spare and more members of the Sood family interested in helping to expand the business, Mr Rajinder made the necessary arrangements for further expansion. In 1953 a new company, M/s. Oriental Scientific Dyers was registered, the business solely comprised of dyeing a variety of yarns.

In the early 1960s, the company extended its arm to a new production line which specialised in the dyeing of woollen yarns. These were flourishing years when the need for dyed woollen yarn was increasing, and the Sood family successfully met this rise in demand. The yarns were dyed by ancient techniques that were bought by several hosiery units to manufacture and export garments to Russia.

Up until now, the company dyed yarns solely by using a traditional copper furnace. Now, in the 1970s, the company brought its very first technology-assisted Cabinet Dyeing machine.
During this decade, we ventured further with dyeing cashmilon yarn. This led to an increase in demand, and the company invested in ten more cabinet dyeing machines in the later years.

The early 1980s saw a flourish in the textile industry, and in 1983, the father-son duo comprising of Mr Rajinder Pal Sood and Mr Satish Sood entered the booming textile processing industry with the new unit named M/s. Oriental Textile Processing Company Pvt. Ltd. The first stenter machine was installed at this time. The company also installed jigger machines, jet dyeing machines and winch machines to process woven, polly cotton, polyester and acrylic fabric, to name just a few from an otherwise very wide range.

The year 1990 was a crucial year for the company. The company tested its limits with a variety of new products. Along with its research and development team, the company developed the circular knit shearing fabric also called velvet or blossom – the first of such fabric in the country. This fabric gained popularity quickly, and soon, the country stopped the import from Korea and shifted their interest towards us.

As part of our investments to increase existing production capacity, and as a measure to expand further, we imported several high-temperature, high-pressure Soft Flow dyeing machines from a renowned company of Taiwan, Asia Kingdom.

In 1999, a new sister concerned company was created – M/s. Anmol Knitters Pvt Ltd., on Bahadurke Road, Ludhiana, Punjab. The motive behind this unit was to work with the top corporates of India.

Circular knitting machines were installed at the Link Road branch, Samrala bypass, Ludhiana. The machines increased the production of a variety of dyed knitted fabrics.

It was during this period that sheering, polishing, lamination, brushing and raising machines were also procured. With business flourishing and the number of machines procured on the rise, it was time to add more space, and the lands adjoining the manufacturing unit were acquired. More number of stenter machine, tubular and polishing machines joined the company force.

With a turnover increase of over 30% and demands reaching soaring heights, the company witnessed a change in the structure of the company. More manpower was procured, and business witnessed tremendous growth.

We moved from the manufacture of synthetic fabrics alone to a cotton manufacturing company. We produced cotton, cotton lycra, polly cotton lycra and a variety of blends to cater to the growing demand of these products by garment manufacturers and traders. Specifically, for this purpose, an expansion was needed in the finishing range of machines thus helped in the development of even better finish of the fabrics.

The company is renowned in the textile industry for the processing and selling of exquisite and unique knitted fabrics. Since its early inception, there has been no looking back. Today, Oriental Textile is one of India’s well-known and sort-after vertically integrated textile manufacturers. The company continues to manufacture well-crafted fabric, and consistently maintain standards of high quality with a knitting capacity of over 35 tons per day, dyeing and processing capacity of over 25 tons per day (of both polyester and cotton), the future continues to look bright for the company.