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Unlike out-dated methods of coating fabric with an antimicrobial coating, the fabric is manufactured using antimicrobial yarn in interlock and sinker machines, where the yarn itself is impeded with an antimicrobial chemical coating that inhibits microorganism and bacteria growth on the fabric and controls odour, increasing the life span of fabric by more than ten times. Antimicrobial material is widely used in hospitals and for a wide variety of domestic purposes.

Burnout Coral

A soft, lightweight knitted fabric with good drape. The fabric is semi-sheer and has an embossed coral pattern on a raised pile. Available in 170 GSM to 270 GSM.
Its effortless drape makes it perfect for curtains and drapes; also used for upholstery of chairs, sofas and ottomans. Can be used for shawls and other garments that require a good fall.

Burnout Velvet

Exquisite designs are created on fabric using the burnout fabric technique. A mix of protein-based and cellulose-based fibres is chemically treated to dissolve cellulose fibres, creating a semi-transparent pattern on a solid-coloured backdrop. The fabric has a superior feel and high finish and is widely used as part of home décor projects.

Coral Fur

A luxurious, short fur fabric that is available in a wide variety of colours. The high sheen lends a feeling of superior quality to the fabric. Due to high durability it can be used as an alternative to flannel fabric. The fur fibres trap in heat, making it perfect for winter wears.

Create luxurious winter accessories, quilts and blankets with coral fur.


Made of natural, extra-long staple cotton fibre carefully procured from hand-picked vendors. Cotton has always been a favourite in India and abroad. Cotton gets one through scorching summers comfortably. Soft and highly absorbent fabric, this is available in 30/s, 34/s and 40/s counts. It is used to create high-quality garments and apparel.

Cotton Lycra

Cotton Lycra: A perfect blend of cotton and lycra, the fabric is created by wrapping cotton yarn consistently around lycra. Cotton lends the fabric a soft feel and extended life span while lycra provides the high stretch-ability of this fabric. The fabric is easy to maintain and does not wrinkle easily, and is free of piling. High-quality sports apparel is made of cotton lycra.

Cotton Plain

Create shirts, skirts and more with this linen look fabric.

Crafted from pure cotton, this fabric is perfect for dressmaking and quilting projects. Please note, this fabric is not suitable for nightwear.

Cotton Sheering

A perfect combination of 80-20 where 80% is the cotton and on the back of the fabric is the 20% polyester, this is widely used in tracksuits and jackets. Due to the strong bond of polyester and cotton it gives this sheering fabric a great standing.

Embossed Velvet

The design on this fabric is heat-stamped onto the fabric using a metal roller. A medium to heavyweight fabric with a light and soft buttery feel to it and an even sheen that gives it a rich look, it stands out well when used in home décor styling projects. The fabric has the added benefit of being extremely durable. It is available with both 2d and 3d effect in over 40 designs.

Plain Velvet

We are regarded as a well established manufacturer of Plain Velvet Fabric. the circular knitted fabric is sold in all the parts of the country and even exported under the name of Oriental’s. We have been producing this fabric since 1992 without any compromise in the quality. Its available in various GSM ranging from 130 GSM to 240 GSM.


  • Used in suits, leggings, dresses, suits.
  • Widely accepted in home decor sofas, bedcovers, chairs.

Poly Cotton

In a perfect combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton or any other, this crease-resistant, tear-resistant and breathable fabric is known for its versatility. The fabric is created using Pai Lung circular knitting machinery. Once created, the fabric is reactive dyed to make it colour fast. Create a stunning array of gorgeous summer lowers, plain and printed night suits or tshirts with poly cotton.

Poly Cotton Lycra

Lycra, cotton and polyester are blended to create this beautiful fabric. An all-weather material that is easy to maintain, this is a strong-wearing and durable fabric.